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PoM Performance

January 16, 2006

Imagine my surprise when I visited Grabperf (like I do daily) and saw Ping-O-Matic in the top 20 fastest sites that they’re tracking. You can view a scatter chart of Ping-O-Matic performance and see it tends be right around .20 total which currently puts us behind BBC and ahead of Google search. Cool. 🙂

I’m not quite done with the performance tweaks yet, but it will probably be mostly on the outgoing ping side of thing, which shouldn’t effect the graphs that much. Once everything is done on the single box, I’ll start the process of replicating it to the other donated hardware. Performance is nice, but availability is more important.

  1. ntsurf permalink
    November 21, 2010 8:25 pm

    Good service, thanks!

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    November 19, 2010 2:44 am

    This site really helped me. Thank you for presenting it easy for many people.

  3. NNpcTO.kZ permalink
    October 15, 2010 7:48 pm

    Why so often error on your site appears? You spend works on the server?

  4. March 19, 2006 4:25 am

    I see it in the top 10 now.

  5. March 4, 2006 10:42 am

    Pingomatic is causing two of my WordPress blogs to time out!! Its the only service that’s pinged on an update & if I remove it from the “Writing” options, then the blogs work fine without any problems, but adding Pingomatic to the “Writing” options results in a timeout on the screen. If you see GrabPERF then you’ll see that Pingomatic is currently #1 on the 20 slowest sites list. Any update on this Matt?

  6. lauren-nicole permalink
    January 18, 2006 9:03 pm

    Well, i agree that availability is more important than preformance, but i think that quality is equally as important. if there is good quality than more people will seek out that site. That’s pretty cool that it is one of the top twenty fastest sites that are being tracked. Well there are problems with everything that is just starting, and it will do fine!

  7. January 18, 2006 8:16 pm

    Hard core, dude. Hard core.

  8. January 17, 2006 10:04 pm

    That’s pretty cool, considering the load the service has been heaving in past month or two when usage suddenly shot up & its growing every day if I’m not wrong!! Seems like you’ve put in some magic lube Matt!! 😉


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